Parents & Caregivers

Preparing for a Promising New Treatment for Autism

At VoxNova we’re committed to working with families and caregivers of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a close, collaborative and compassionate way. Our goal is to become a trusted destination for access to the range of treatments now used to manage ASD and important new advances as they become available.

On the Horizon:
PAX-101 from PaxMedica

We are preparing for the possible availability in the not-too-distant future of a promising first-of-its-kind treatment for children with ASD. This treatment is being developed by PaxMedica under the provisional name of PAX-101 (intravenous suramin). If approved, PAX-101 would be the first drug to treat some of the challenging core symptoms of ASD.

The company is first seeking FDA approval of this drug for African Sleeping Sickness (also known as HAT). If approved, PAX-101 may become available in very limited quantities through an expanded access program (see below).

You can learn more about PaxMedica and PAX-101’s path to approval here.

As the exclusive distributor of PaxMedica products, VoxNova will serve as the specialty therapy manager and sole source for the safe and limited distribution of PAX-101 upon approval for expanded access.

The Potential for Expanded Access to PAX-101

What is expanded access? In advance of an official approval of a treatment for certain serious conditions, the FDA sometimes allows early use of the treatment in limited circumstances while it moves through the clinical trial process. PaxMedica is hopeful that PAX-101 will qualify for this designation, which would allow for the treatment to be introduced to a very small number of patients.

Should expanded access be granted, patients will need to apply and meet the eligibility requirements determined by PaxMedica. We expect that interest in the treatment may be greater than the limited supply through this program, and some of the supply will be reserved for clinical studies. VoxNova is committed to working closely with patients and families to set expectations and guide them through the process when the time comes.

Simple Steps to Take Now

Following is a quick look at what you can do now.


Talk to Your Child’s Physician

It’s important to start this journey with your child’s physician(s). First, ensure that your child has a formal diagnosis of ASD. If your physician is not familiar with PaxMedica and PAX-101 (intravenous suramin), we encourage you to direct them to to learn more.

Share the PAX-101 Information Sheet

For your convenience, we’re also providing you with an information sheet you can email or present to your physician on your next visit.

Download Here


Only PAX-101-Approved Physicians Will Be Able to Prescribe PAX-101 Through Expanded Access

Physicians must be authorized by VoxNova to prescribe PAX-101. As physicians begin to go through the authorization process, we will provide a list on this page of those who are approved and open to contact for new patients.


Is Your Physician Interested in Prescribing PAX-101?

If your physician would like to become an authorized PAX-101 prescriber to be considered for expanded access, they can apply directly on the Healthcare Providers page of this website by enrolling in the PAXREMS program.

Looking to the Future

So what will the prescription process look like if PAX-101 is FDA-approved for early expanded access? Because PAX-101 is administered via infusion, VoxNova has partnered with Nufactor, a nationwide leader in specialty infusion therapies. Its focus is on coordinated care to smooth the process for families using a compassionate approach to meeting the special needs of children receiving treatment.

Here’s how it will work at Nufactor:


Your authorized physician submits the PAX-101 prescription to Nufactor.


Nufactor assigns your child a client support specialist to uncomplicate the process, working with you, your physician and care team to explain the infusion procedure so you know what to expect and to guide you at every step.


Nufactor staff works with you to determine insurance coverage and explore eligibility for applicable Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) to lower out-of-pocket costs.


When you and your child arrive at your infusion center, the specially trained team will work with you to make the infusion experience as comfortable as possible. If needed, special care will be taken to calm children during the 30-minute infusion period.