Specialty Benefit Management for the Autism Community
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  • A “New Voice” in Specialty Benefit Management, where Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is our only specialty

  • A Trusted Partner to the physicians and healthcare service providers on the front lines of ASD care

  • A Growing Resource to families exploring new options to improve the lives of their loved ones with ASD

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An Exclusive Distributor of promising new agents for the treatment of ASD from PaxMedica, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative treatments for unmet needs in neurodevelopmental disorders

At VoxNova, we’re building something new for the ASD community, combining the best of specialty benefit management with a comprehensive approach to provider and patient services and care coordination.

Expect Excellence

As promising new treatments become available for people with ASD, VoxNova will be there to deliver at the highest level. Expect excellence. We expect it of ourselves, you can expect it of us. It’s a mindset and a promise. We don’t just fulfill prescriptions for specialty drugs and treatments, we fulfill a promise to ensure that the right patient receives the right treatment in the safest manner, without interruption or delay. That requires our unique combination of advanced technology and sharp focus on high-touch service and coordinated care.

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Benefit from Experience

VoxNova was founded by Jim Mindala, Michael Mindala and Nakul Kapadia. These accomplished industry leaders bring deep experience across the range of pharmacy services and technology-driven enterprises — including the ground-up build and launch of a mail order pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and pharmacy benefit manager.

“As we build out the VoxNova portfolio of services, we’re determined to deliver new and better ways to serve and care for patients and providers in the ASD community,” said Mindala. Kapadia added, “Through our long experience providing specialty medications and building supportive technology, we know the value we can now bring to the ASD community through our sharp focus on their unique needs and concerns. That’s a mission we’re proud to undertake.”

Our Mission

The VoxNova mission is to play a meaningful role in the improvement of the lives of those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We do this by:

  • carefully controlling distribution of groundbreaking new therapies for the treatment of ASD
  • delivering compassionate care along every step in the process
  • ensuring patient safety and therapeutic efficacy through rigorous compliance with treatment protocols
  • working to address affordability, in the hope that all eligible patients can benefit
  • striving daily to meet the urgent and evolving needs of patients, families and caregivers

Experience a Higher Level of Service… and Care

Look to VoxNova for a comprehensive and growing portfolio of services, including:

Nationwide access to current and new pharmaceutical agents for ASD through our partnership with FFF Enterprises, a leader in specialty distribution and pharmacy
New Treatments
Exclusive access to pipeline products from PaxMedica, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of promising new treatments for ASD
Care Coordination
Coordination of all those involved in delivering treatment — from patients and their families to the prescribing physician to other relevant healthcare service providers, including infusion center staff
Information Hub
A growing information hub to provide the ASD community with the latest news and updates on therapies, research, and supportive resources
Future-forward technology that brings together all activity into a single dashboard to enable real-time management of logistics, distribution, and compliance, and ongoing monitoring of therapeutic outcomes for new ASD therapies

Our Team

James Mindala
Senior Advisor

Jim Mindala is a pioneering entrepreneur and visionary leader in the pharmacy services industry. He was a founder and chairman of EnvisionRx, which provided a comprehensive suite of services including pharmacy benefit management, mail order and specialty pharmacy, clinical care, and member engagement. It served 400,000 Medicare Part D recipients and covered over four million lives with insured pharmacy benefits. With annual revenue of $4.5 billion and 1,100 employees, Envision was acquired in 2015 by TPG/Rite Aid.

Prior to his tenure with Envision, Jim co-founded two other pharmacy service organizations, Rx Options, Inc. (which was merged with Envision) and First Florida Insurers, LLC.

In addition to serving as VoxNova’s Senior Advisor, Jim is chairman of Big Bear Ventures, LLC, a private equity investment firm.

Michael Mindala
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Mindala is a passionate, experienced, and dedicated executive, leading VoxNova in providing exceptional healthcare services for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the community that supports them. With over 18 years in the healthcare and pharmacy benefits industry, Michael brings a unique perspective to his role, drawing from his background in operations, compliance, and industry analytics. As one of the core founders of the pharmacy benefit manager EnvisionRxOptions [currently Elixir Rx Solutions under Rite Aid] Michael held several positions including Vice President of Client Services and Vice President of Quality Control.

Michael’s deep understanding of the complexities of healthcare was further enriched and deepened by his positions as COO of Run it First and Vice President of Operations at Aperio Health Partners. His widespread knowledge of the industry, including PBM operations, workflows, technical architecture, compliance, and industry contracting, positions him as an invaluable leader in fulfilling VoxNova's mission. With his global expertise in PBMs, NCPDP standards, and quality assurance, Michael stands out in the field of pharmacy services and executive leadership.

Nakul Kapadia
President & Chief Information Officer

With over 22 years of experience in Information Technology leadership, Nakul has demonstrated a remarkable ability to utilize technology to drive enterprise growth, enhance performance, and increase profitability. Nakul has established himself as a trusted IT business leader, collaborating with others to develop and execute technology strategies that foster growth and process improvement within organizations.

Nakul acted as partner and technical leader for a groundbreaking pharmacy cost reduction process, Run It First, overseeing the creation of online and mobile tools for cost comparison and prescription drug discounts.

As a founding partner and technical leader of Aperio Health Partners, Nakul was responsible for managing Information Technology partnerships, services, and security. Nakul played a vital role in introducing transparent healthcare products to the market and oversaw the development of web-based service portals and online tools.

Lastly, at EnvisionRxOptions, Nakul served as the Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leader and helped achieved remarkable success, growing to $6 billion in revenue in just ten years. Leading dozens of IT professionals, he oversaw multiple technology departments which crossed numerous lines of business that included PBM, adjudication software, mail-order and specialty pharmacy.